Private Client Trust

Private Client Trust Helping you Create a Lasting Legacy

Being in the position to leave a legacy is a wonderful gift, but it is also a complex one that must be thought through carefully. To make sure that you and your beneficiaries’ very specific needs are met, we combine our extensive experience with an in-depth analysis to assess your current financial picture and the one you hope to achieve.



A personalised solution that is holistic, dynamic and, above all, sustainable. This includes estate planning, the drafting of Wills, formation of trusts and estate administration services.

Wealth Transfer

The first step in estate planning is to take a snap shot of how things currently stand, including personal circumstances such as shareholders agreements and business partners. Once a clear view has been established a plan is then formulated with input from our Wealth Management, Family Office and Tax Planning teams.

A good estate plan bridges the gap from where you are to where you would like to be. It takes into consideration any costs that may become payable at death; establishes whether there is sufficient capital available at death to offset debts as well as Executors Fees, Capital Gains Tax and Estate Duty. Minimising estate duty and maximising after tax inheritance.


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Wills & Estate Planning

Wills and estate planning work hand in hand. Having a valid Will is essential to estate planning, just as knowing what your estate is worth is key to drafting a Will. A Will is one of the more important documents you will ever sign as it ensures that your estate is divested in the way you would like it to be.


Over and above the accurate distribution of sentimental items among beneficiaries, a carefully drafted Will can also avoid cash flow challenges and save on Estate Duty and Income Tax –and even more importantly, it can help avoid family conflict. 

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Trusts & Trusteeships

Depending on your particular needs, a trust can be a valuable tool in both tax and estate planning. Trusts can be used for private individuals (a family trust) as well as for corporate business structures.


Our significant experience in the duties and responsibilities of acting as a professional trustee means that we will always ensure that the proper care is taken in the management of the trust assets.

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Executorships & Deceased Estate Administration

Executorships and deceased estate administration in South Africa is highly regulated. And it requires both a working knowledge of the laws and the operation of the Master of the High Court’s Offices.


Our vast experience in the wrapping up of estates and our comprehensive knowledge of tax, life assurance, the administrative process of the Master’s Office and SARS means that your estate is handled timeously and with the greatest care and professionalism at a time when your family needs it the most.


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Family Office 

Traditionally, high net worth families would have their assets and investments managed by one of their family members. But given how complex the financial environment has become - it makes sense to talk to us. That’s because over and above our specialist skills in numerous areas of wealth management, we have access to independent research and tools that an individual typically can’t reach. What’s more, you can choose to have your affairs constantly managed by our team of experts under one roof - or you can simply turn to us for guidance, ideas and support. Either way, it’s our goal to work together with you to steer your family to a healthy and sustainable financial future.




Our Private Client Holdings Family Officer acts as your personal Chief Financial Officer. He or she is supported by a team of dedicated professionals – each of whom is an expert in a different field of finance such as Wealth Management, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Cash Management and Risk Management. This team works as a unit to help you identify your family’s bigger picture and define and implement strategies for managing its wealth and leveraging its combined assets. It is a highly focused and integrated approach to managing wealth and it’s a process that is underpinned by confidentiality and respect.


The benefits:

  • An integrated plan, including an investments strategy, wealth transfer strategies, proactive tax planning and optimal ownership structures.

  • Wealth management services provided to each family member.

  • Investment advice is managed in the context of the overall family balance sheet.

  • Coordination of external advisors, including lawyers, accountants, investment and insurance advisors.

  • Wealth transfer with the security of knowing that there is always someone who knows your family and their financial status.

  • Objective and time-sensitive advice from advisors who understand your family’s goals.

  • Traditional financial services, including tax and administrative services and reporting.

  • Transactional banking services, including bill paying.

  • A full spectrum of fiduciary services, including trusts, Wills, estate and succession planning and asset protection.

  • Education and mentoring which ensures that your family’s wealth grows and is seamlessly transferred from generation to generation.


The Family Office offering is complex wealth management service. We will gladly sit down and unpack it in detail with you.
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