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For most parents, the idea of not being alive to raise your own children is unthinkable.  However, as tough as it is to plan for the unimaginable, choosing the right guardian for your children, should something happen to both yourself and your partner, is a must.

Elmien Pols of Private Client Trust, the fiduciary pillar of Private Client Holdings, explains that a legal guardian is the person t...

Respected author and Advocate David Meyerowitz remarked that “It has been said that the other bank of the River Styx is lined with the shades of dissatisfied testators waiting to receive the judicial personages who have misconstrued their wills”.

When you had your Will drafted, or last had it updated, did you check to make sure that its contents accurately conveyed your last wishes?  Did it ac...

Most people realise that it is important to have a well put together Will which clearly sets out how your estate is to be divided amongst your beneficiaries after your death. What is equally important – but often not well considered - is for a suitable executor to be chosen to administer your wishes.

“It is the executor who is responsible for ensuring the efficient administration of the estate...

Women of today are more aware than ever that it is important to have control of their own financial affairs, regardless of whether they are single, married, divorced or widowed. Personal circumstances notwithstanding, the earlier an individual can take the financial reigns in their own life the better.

With August being Women’s Month, David Knott of Private Client Trust and Jeremy Burman of Pr...

If you are formally employed you might have been required to join your companies contracted retirement scheme, and they would have asked you to nominate a beneficiary for the proceeds in case you die before retirement. However, if you chose a beneficiary that is not your dependant

then the chances are that the retirement fund trustees won’t honour your wishes!

This is according to David Knott,...

For most people the words “death” and “marriage” do not belong together in the same conversation. The last thing on people’s minds when they get married and enter into an ante-nuptial contract is death – the focus is usually around possible divorce. Likewise, when planning the affairs around our demise, very few of us would be thinking about marriage.

However, according to David Knott, a fiduc...

Have you considered what will happen if you met your demise on the way home from work this evening?

Would your family know where your Will is kept? Would they know where your assets are held? Or would there be chaos?

You may know exactly where all those important documents are and between your accountants, insurance adviser, portfolio manager and lawyer they each have some idea but does your sp...

Many people think a Living Will is not something they need unless they reach senior citizen age. However, this could not be further from the truth.

David Knott, a fiduciary expert from Private Client Trust, a division of Private Client Holdings, advises that with statistics showing that younger adults are far more likely than the elderly to be involved in fatal or near-fatal accidents, they mu...

With the relaxation of South African Foreign Exchange Controls and more investors seeking to diversify risk, many are creating offshore estates. People often don’t think about what the offshore probate formalities might be, what the death duties position might be, and what other effects the death of the investor will bring about.

This is according to David Knott, fiduciary expert at Private Cl...

Trust Companies, together with law and accountancy practices, fulfill a meaningful role in providing fiduciary services to all, but few may know that Trust Companies originated in the Cape about 180 years ago.

David Knott, an expert in estates and wills at Private Client Trust, a division of Private Client Holdings, explains that after the Cape was settled by the Dutch in 1652 there was a rela...

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